100% anonymity online for Bitcoin transactions with BestMixer.io

BestMixer.io is a cryptocurrency mixing service that allows you to stay anonymous while sending Bitcoins. Protecting your personal information and your funds is very important and that’s why you must use the mixing service.


Why do you need to mix your coins?

Bitcoin is not exactly anonymous. In fact, anyone who knows at least one of your addresses can track the entire transaction history and learn a lot about you:

  • Whom you trade with
  • Where you buy coins
  • How rich you are

This is called blockchainanalysis.

Did you know that most of the governments of the largest states use special agents to analyze the blockchain and collect information about Bitcoin transactions? Did you know that cyber-criminals use blockchainanalysis to find your wallet and hack it?

Using a Bitcoin mixer completely breaks the connection between you and your transaction history. To learn more about how this works and why it is important, read the Beginner’s Guide developed by the creators of BestMixer.io.

If you are from a country where transactions with bitcoins are not approved, then this is one of the reasons to mix your cryptocurrency coins and anonymizeyour transaction history.

Many Bitcoin mixers claim to ensure 100% anonymity of your transactions, but in fact it is not true. Only BestMixer.iocan provide complete anonymity to you.