Hip Hop music videos are becoming popular day-by-day with the emergence of new hip-hop artists. There is not a better option than a music video as far as telling a story for fans of hip-hop living outside the USA. With the help of visuals of these hip-hop videos the viewers are able to find the latest records.  With the help of a music video you are able to launch a song from the internet to the charting hit.  This can be illustrated with the help of a hip-hop music video Caroline produced by none other than the famous hip-hop artist Amie. This song was released in the first quarter of the year and just after two months its video was released. Surprisingly at the time of summers the snippets of this video became the heartthrob of many people. Moreover, with the arrival of the fall season the song Caroline already occupied the 12th position in the top 100.

You will be surprised to know that there have been many special hip-hop music videos for the past many years. These videos have been popular for not only good but also for bad reasons. Some of the popular hip-hop music videos are “Big Pumpkin’ and “California Love”. Who do not know people like Hype Williams, Spike Jonze and F. Gary Gray? These are some of the best known personalities of the hip-hop music industry. These people have earned themselves a big name by working behind the cameras and these are the main people who do all the hard work.

There was a popular hip-hop music video in 2016 which actually related to the tone of the song. In addition this hip-hop also became popular as it was able to bring life into records. The year 1990 was popular for bringing some of the best hip-hop videos of this industry. Moreover, the battle between the East Coast and west Coast holds its own significance as it resulted in the production of popular hip-hop videos from artists like Notorious B.I G., Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg.

Similarly, there is another popular hip-hop artist, Jeezy who had come up with two singles after a gap of one year. One of these videos was “Diddy” which was a single that acts as a boss anthem. Interestingly, Jeezy comes up with a official video for “Bottles Up”, which is assisted by Diddy.

When you get to experience the two best entrepreneurs as far as the music video is concerned then you are sure to get something flashy. This is what you get to see when you watch the “Bottles Up” video. You also get to see two of them flaunting their luxurious life while showing lots of cash in the back of the Maybach. Later, you also get to see that the two causes trouble in the corner store when they drink Avion.

Thus we see that Hip-hop music videos are still the in thing and are gaining in popularity with leaps and bounds.