I do believe that activity Heroes Quest  Osrs are a good option to first individual shooters. You still get a good little action and capturing however with a little more interesting storyline and so on as well. Also you may get some very nice osrs heroes quest for that Play station 3 slim which do not require any physical violence at all when you are investing in a present to get a youthful child or just tend not to just like the more brutal online games that emphasis a lot on killing. There are some very good selections readily available for Xmas 2010 as well with new releases which may have gotten Play station 3 followers very excited.

The first that we wish to advise, which falls into the class of a shooter heroes quest osrs although with a little bit more into it that just capturing, is Reddish colored Dead Redemption. It is actually a wild western adventure, so a good amount of stand offs and showdowns, yet it is also an ‘open world’ video game, so that you get plenty of freedom to wander close to a virtual surroundings interacting with types and strengthening your personal special narrative. The primary point of this game is to produce your popularity and prosperity up to it is possible to without getting yourself wiped out.

One additional decision with much more of a puzzle aspect along with a quite strong narrative to choose it can be Uncharted: Amongst Robbers. There may be some battling involved, but the major focus of your game is piecing collectively the history and locating the prize. And my thirdly and final choice to advise for you is the newest launch in a very well-known series – The lord Of Warfare 3. This video game will depend on Greek mythology and requires some great puzzles and strategy aspects which are also well-balanced out nicely with plenty of measures.

Inside my modest view any one of these video games would make an excellent choice to give being a present for any Play station 3 slim game player this Christmas time 2010. But as a final believed, in the event you aren’t all that on the most up-to-date video gaming news – did you know that there is also a new control out for your PlayStation called the ‘Move’, which information actual moves which can be used to management the motion in a video game – that might make a wonderful gift item this year as well! They have surely got a lot of PlayStation game players who I have spoken to just recently very excited about acquiring themselves one of these brilliant toddlers.