If you own a home Probability that there’s a water pump located under your dwelling in your basement or a crawl space. Submersible water pumps offer a singular function: to drain out any water that seeps into your basement and push it to a more appropriate places like your yard, before harm is done to your dwelling. Until it breaks down most home owners do not even recognize they have a sump. If your sump pump stops working it is very likely that you might want to replace it. There’s some danger involved, but if you follow the directions in this article you’ll have your sump pump replaced in as little as 30 minutes. Before Diving in, take a few moments to ascertain why you might have to replace the sump pump. The following checklist can allow you to decide if buying a sump pump is essential.

While searching for a submersible water pump look for one that’s exactly the identical voltage, discharge size and HP horse power as your present pump. You need to be able to find this information in your pump’s engine plate. Sump Pumps come in four distinct models, the base, submersible, water-powered and flooring sucker pumps. The instructions that follow are for water pumps. Diesel Water Transfer Pumps have three links. The first is that the connection, which is a three wire plug which connects at least four feet. It is crucial for the socket to be a ground fault interrupt that is rated for the amperage of the pump engine. The link is a 1/4 inch plastic fitting and is in the bottom.

 types of water pumps

This should have a back flow check valve which prevents water after it is been drained from flowing back into the sump pit. The last and third connector is pipe or the hose which connects the pump to the drain line. Make sure to check the pipe over for pin holes it has to be replaced. Unplug the Submersible Water Pump Find where you will need to disconnect the pump from the drain line. To remove the sump pump, you’ll have to either un-clamp the pump or unscrew it from the drain line. Loosen the clamps that secure the discharge pipe and the check valve together and remove the valve.